What to consider when you're restoring your vintage tractor

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What to consider when you're restoring your vintage tractor

16 October 2015
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A tractor is a valuable vehicle for many uses. It's unprecedented as an agricultural tool and, with its extreme strength, it can perform almost anything. Some people, however, don't just use their tractor as a working vehicle, but as a collectible. Collecting and restoring vintage tractors to their former capacity is a popular avocation all over the world. If you are looking to become a part of the vintage tractor-community, there are some things you need to know about tractor restoring.

Establish what you need

Getting your hands on spare parts isn't always easy, as it tends to not be something you can pick up from your local dealer. Online shopping is often required to be guaranteed the correct part for your tractor. Before you start looking for the parts you think you need to get your tractor running, make sure to establish some important facts first. Find out what year and what model your vintage tractor is. It's not always easy to know this about an antique tractor, but you can generally find out by locating the engine number. After this, it's possible to find user manuals for your particular vehicle online. Having a manual to help you will make the hunt for spare parts that much easier. An advantage that vintage tractor collectors have in comparison to those who wants to restore cars, for example, is that tractor parts rarely become obsolete after just a couple of years. This means that you can buy spare parts off a tractor from a completely different year than your own vintage tractor; that makes it a lot easier finding proper spare parts.

Buying parts

When you are looking for spare parts for your tractor on the internet, make sure you find an experienced seller. Looking for experience is important mainly because you want to be able to trust them as sellers, but also because they might be able to help you. Many dealers of vintage tractor parts have a great knowledge on the subject and can tell you in specifics what you can do to get as much out of your tractor as possible. Aside from purchasing spare parts for your tractor, you can also buy another faulty tractor like your own. They may come with more than one of the spare parts you need and also save you a bit of money. A broken tractor might be cheaper than just one fully operational spare part.

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