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5 Benefits of Corporate Car Hire

20 October 2017
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If you run a medium or large sized company, you probably need transportation for your staff. You may not have considered the benefit of using a corporate car hire service. Below is a guide to 5 benefits of signing up with a corporate car hire service. Reduced Cost If you need to provide vehicles for a number of your staff, this can soon become an expensive part of your business operation. Aside from the upfront cost of purchasing each car, you will also need to pay for insurance and maintenance of the vehicles. Read More …

Wedding Transport: 3 Reason’s You Should Consider Hire a Party Bus

22 August 2017
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While most brides are concerned about their wedding dress, the style of the wedding cake and the guest list, the majority of grooms will be thinking about the type of vehicle which is going to provide the wedding day transport. However, if you really want to surprise your husband-to-be, you should tell him that you will take care of the wedding transport. While party buses are usually used the stag parties, there is no reason they couldn't also be used as a fabulous and fun form of wedding transport. Read More …

A Night to Remember: 3 Unique Party Ideas

13 January 2017
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Whether the event you're planning is a birthday, anniversary or another special event, you're sure to want a night to remember.  No matter what the occasion may be, celebrating with our family and friends is all about making great new memories.  What better way to do that than to do something new and different that none of your guests will ever forget?  That's not to say a traditional party isn't fun. Read More …