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Do You Know How to Transport Large Equipment Carefully?

5 November 2018
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Are you thinking about expanding your operation across the country and opening up another manufacturing facility in a separate state? If so, you may need to move some sizeable equipment or plant to this new destination and may be looking at your options when it comes to transportation. Is this something that you can handle in-house or is it something you need to outsource? Think Carefully You may have an existing fleet that you use primarily for distribution, and while some of the vehicles may be fairly large, you need to carefully consider the situation before pressing them into service. Read More …

4 Useful Tricks for Load Packaging and Securement in Road Transportation

20 March 2018
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Most heavy transportation experts agree that even the best wrapping of cargo loads during transit cannot protect against the sudden shifting. The reason is that loads will tend to move from side to side on a trailer. Also, as a trailer travels down and up a road, the loads might move to the front or back respectively. Therefore, improper packaging and securement of cargo loads can cause significant damage to goods while compromising the safety of road users. Read More …

The 5 Essential Group Members of a Successful Buck’s Night Bus Party

10 January 2018
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Once, not so long ago, a buck's night would have usually revolved around the soon-to-be-married bachelor gathering in a watering hole with his closest male friends to drink late into the night. That's still a common buck's night activity, but there are now almost countless choices for those who want something a bit different. Hiring a party bus has become popular because you can combine the unique experience of the bus itself with whatever activities you can be driven to. Read More …