Do You Know How to Transport Large Equipment Carefully?

One of the central goals of the transportation industry is speed, but that has to be balanced with safety. Click here for more information.

Do You Know How to Transport Large Equipment Carefully?

5 November 2018
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Are you thinking about expanding your operation across the country and opening up another manufacturing facility in a separate state? If so, you may need to move some sizeable equipment or plant to this new destination and may be looking at your options when it comes to transportation. Is this something that you can handle in-house or is it something you need to outsource?

Think Carefully

You may have an existing fleet that you use primarily for distribution, and while some of the vehicles may be fairly large, you need to carefully consider the situation before pressing them into service.

Permissions and Paperwork

To begin with, you may need special permission to transport items of a certain size through individual jurisdictions. If the nature of the load means that it will take longer than usual to pass by a certain point or may cause disruption to other road users, then you will invariably have to pass this by local planners, the police and other authorities.

Don't underestimate the time and effort required to get the type of documentation needed. Add additional layers of complexity if any of your transportable machines or equipment can be considered dangerous in any way. For example, they may contain chemicals or be used to store other restricted materials, and even though they are not "in action" when on the road, you may need extra paperwork.

The Right Equipment

Remember, the average trailer you may use in your day-to-day activities may not be sufficient when it comes to hauling something that is particularly long or heavy. You may be able to get an extendable trailer, but is your towing vehicle up to the task in real terms?

Driver Capability

Certainly, you may trust your existing drivers implicitly as they do a great job in normal circumstances. However, this situation is not "normal", and they may not have the capacity, experience or ability to pilot an oversize load in these circumstances.

Everything Secure?

The larger the load, the more attention you need to pay to safety and security. In particular, to make sure that the vehicle is properly prepared before departure. Consequently, you may not have the proper restraints on hand or somebody who is familiar with the technique involved in tying it all down.

Only One Answer

All things considered, this is a job for the experts, and you should outsource the task to take all the worries off your mind. Heavy haulage companies will know what to do without a second guess, and they will help ensure that your expansion goes ahead successfully.