The 5 Essential Group Members of a Successful Buck's Night Bus Party

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The 5 Essential Group Members of a Successful Buck's Night Bus Party

10 January 2018
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Once, not so long ago, a buck's night would have usually revolved around the soon-to-be-married bachelor gathering in a watering hole with his closest male friends to drink late into the night. That's still a common buck's night activity, but there are now almost countless choices for those who want something a bit different.

Hiring a party bus has become popular because you can combine the unique experience of the bus itself with whatever activities you can be driven to. It also helps ensure that everyone in the group gets safely from one place to the next.

Although it's a fun occasion, it pays to be prepared and organised. In particular, giving various people in the group a role to fulfil keeps the party safe and helps stop important planning aspects from being forgotten. Here are the people you should include in your buck's night party.

The manager

To keep things simple and smooth-running, it's a good idea to have one person in charge. This will usually be the best man, but it doesn't have to be.

He should be responsible for overseeing the whole party, making sure other members are doing their jobs, booking the bus and liaising with the company as needed, and booking any other activities.

The shopper

Drinks, snacks, and maybe some decorations are essential for a bus party, and someone needs to buy them. Get everyone to work together on a shopping list, hand over some cash as needed, and then the shopper will go and buy it all.

The DJ

This doesn't need to be a literal DJ, but rather someone in charge of making sure there's good music on the bus. Someone with a large-capacity MP3 player is ideal, and the knowledge of which tunes will please the whole group is essential.

It also helps if the person chosen for this job is not someone opinionated who will force their own musical tastes on the group, ignoring what anyone else wants.

The photographer

With most people having decent cameras on their phones nowadays, it's unlikely you'll be left with a shortage of mementoes. Designating a photographer helps make sure there are plenty of good pictures, however.

It doesn't have to be someone with a fancy camera, which isn't a good idea if you're going to bars and clubs anyway. As long as they have a good eye and will remember to keep snapping away, they'll be perfect.

The grown-up

A buck's night typically involves plenty of alcohol, so things can sometimes get a little out of hand. Having someone to keep an eye on the group is helpful. It doesn't have to be someone who doesn't drink at all, but if there's a friend in the group who rarely consumes much booze, ask them to check everyone is okay from time to time, and that all members of the group make it back to the bus safely.