Tips For Choosing Refrigerated Transport Companies For Food Transportation

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Tips For Choosing Refrigerated Transport Companies For Food Transportation

3 November 2015
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Transportation of highly perishable food items such as dairy products, beef and fish is done using refrigerated transport trucks. This ensures that the food items retain their freshness upon arrival at the intended destination.

Choosing one out of the several refrigerated transport companies may be an uphill task for new restaurant owners and operators. Discussed below are a few factors that these professionals should consider when making this all-important decision.

Food Handling Approvals

Handling of food items meant for public consumption is a highly delicate affair, just like the food items themselves. Refrigerated transport companies are therefore required to comply with a number of health and safety regulations before they can be licensed to operate. Ideally, the company in question should have a certificate of compliance from the relevant local authority that approves their handling of food items. New restaurant operators should not shy off from asking for proof of compliance with laid down safety rules and regulations before agreeing to hire one such company.

The Average Number Of Food Items To Be Transported

Restaurant owners also need to consider the number of food items they intend to transport when choosing a refrigerated transport company. This is because different food items have different temperature requirements; all of which need to be met if transportation is to be done using the same truck.  

For transportation of multiple food items, it is advisable for new restaurant owners to choose a company with trucks that allow for temperature zoning. Such trucks feature refrigeration equipment with inner partitions (temperature zones), which can be set to different temperatures throughout the journey. As such, food items can be placed in different sections of the refrigeration unit where their specific temperature requirements are met.

The Primary Loading Mechanism Used For Company Trucks

The primary loading mechanism used by a refrigerated transportation company should be in line with the type of food item being transported. This helps to reduce the amount of physical work involved when loading or unloading food items from the truck. For example, using tailgate loaders can significantly bring down the number of people required to offload food items. This can easily translate into reduced labour costs for the restaurant owner or operator. Similarly, a company that uses rails and meat-hooks for loading and offloading of meat products makes the handling of these products efficient and easy.  

Considering that the various food items to be transported are the lifeline of a restaurant business, new establishments cannot afford take chances when hiring a refrigeration transport company.

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