Having a memorable formal experience

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Having a memorable formal experience

14 June 2016
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You only get a few chances in life to have a night as special as your school formal. It's a chance to spend a last night with your friends and classmates reminiscing about the adventures you have all had at school before life starts to pull you in different direction. 

Have an pre-event with your families

While the formal is an event mainly for the students, this is also a right of passage that parents and families like to share with you. It can be nice to schedule a lunch or a cocktail party for your house to spend with extended family who might like to see you with your family. This can also be a way to make sure that your parents have something to keep them occupied and don't spend all night worrying about when you'll get home! 

Hire a limo to get to the formal

One of the great things about hiring a limo to get to the party is that you can share the ride with friends as well as a date. This means you can arrive in style while getting to the formal in an affordable way. In order to make the day even more special, why not get your limo driver to take you to some beautiful locations around your city so you can take some casual snaps and selfies before the dance starts? That way you can have some memories of how great you look at the start of the day and some time to spend with your closest pals. 

Plan an 'after event'

After the high of a formal, it's easy to find yourself at a loose end. It can be good to have a plan of where to head afterwards, which can be a good chance to party with people in the wider group. Depending on your tastes this could be hiring a room at the hotel and having a small board game party back in one of the rooms, heading out for a late snack at a pancake house or heading to a nightclub if you are old enough. Many activities become funnier and more memorable when you are all in full formal finery. 

Having a fun and memorable formal involves spending time enjoying the night with your friends. This is a great chance to dress up, get a fancy car and spend some time enjoying your achievements getting through school.