4 Reasons To Use An Airport Shuttle Service Instead Of A Taxi

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4 Reasons To Use An Airport Shuttle Service Instead Of A Taxi

13 October 2016
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If you need an airport transfer service, you can opt for private taxis, chauffeured cars or a shuttle service. Although shuttle services are not as popular as taxis or rental cars, they offer some great advantages over their competitors. Read on below to see what these are.

Convenience for larger groups

If you are travelling in a group of four or more people, it won't be possible to ride in a sedan vehicle, which is what most rentals and taxis are. In most cases, you would have to use two vehicles or rent one larger vehicle, which could cost you more. And even then, that would mean splitting up as a group which might not be the best thing to do especially if you're first-time visitors in an area. On the other hand, shuttles are large and can accommodate most small to medium groups comfortably.

Lots of luggage space to spare    

When it comes to airport transfers, luggage space is critical. Most people travelling have at least a backpack and often a small suitcase, and the vehicle you use needs to potentially accommodate a lot more. If you have a lot of luggage to carry, a shuttle is more convenient. Shuttles have lots of storage compartments that can hold luggage for a small group with ease. This means no lost luggage and no delays at the airport waiting for your luggage to be delivered by a separate vehicle.

More room to move about and stretch

After being on a plane for hours, the last thing anyone wants is to be crammed up in a small vehicle together with all their luggage, leaving no room for movement. As you may imagine, shuttles have a lot more room compared to the traditional taxis. This means that you get more leg room and comfort as you travel from the airport. That way, you don't arrive home or to your hotel too fatigued from your travels.

Shared rides offer budget transport

Airport shuttles are not just for groups. Some shuttle companies offer shared transportation where individuals and groups use the same vehicle. Such shared rides are often more economical compared to taxis because the fare is split between more people. So if you don't have money to spare, a shuttle is the way to go. This applies to individuals and groups as well. Shared shuttle rides are also door-to-door so you still get home in style.