Does Your Refrigerated Vehicle Partner Focus on Temperature Mapping?

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Does Your Refrigerated Vehicle Partner Focus on Temperature Mapping?

7 October 2020
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If you run a business that relies on "just-in-time" delivery of perishable goods, you know how important it is to choose a logistics partner that can stand up to the task. After all, your reputation could be at stake, and you could face considerable issues if you supply substandard goods that have deteriorated on their way.

As you do your research to find a refrigerated delivery company, you need to determine how they approach this challenge and how technical they get. For example, do they pay much attention to temperature mapping? What is temperature mapping, and why is it important?

Vehicle Efficiency

All refrigerated vehicles need to be carefully designed and well maintained. The driver will need to keep an eye on the internal temperature throughout the journey and will typically do so by referring to a readout in the cab. Typically, the interior of the refrigerated section will have one or more thermometers, and they are regularly and carefully calibrated. Each sensor will send a signal to the driver in the cab so that they know what is going on at all times.

Yet the company should go even further than this and should check each vehicle periodically to determine how efficient it is at maintaining that internal temperature. They need to employ a process known as "temperature mapping," which takes a very close look at the entire vehicle to look for any anomalies.

Data Compilation 

As part of this process, temperatures will be taken throughout the interior space and not just one particular point. Several different devices will be placed within the vehicle when it is back at the depot, and these will log temperatures over a given period of time. One sensor may be placed in the middle of the van, with another in the corner. A third may be close to the evaporator, while another may be adjacent to the back door. During the test, the door will be opened to simulate a delivery, and readings will be monitored during that space of time as well.

Quest of Efficiency

Once all of the data has been compiled, the operator will have a clear indication of how efficient that particular vehicle is at maintaining a given temperature. If any alterations need to be made as a result of the data, then they will prioritise.

Always work with a refrigerated company that goes the extra distance, to provide a better service. Contact refrigerated transport businesses to learn more.