What is a Taxi Truck Service?

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What is a Taxi Truck Service?

21 April 2022
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Taxi trucks are a crucial part of the transportation infrastructure that makes sure goods can be received into Australia and moved freely and quickly to wherever is their final destination.

Transportation of goods

The sheer volume of goods that need moving around Australia daily is almost too big to comprehend. Goods, both perishable and nonperishable arrived in Australia all the time by both sea and air. Sometimes they need to be stored in warehouses, other times they need to be moved quickly to local or faraway destinations.

The movement of goods is largely done by trucks, sometimes with a small amount of rail travel as well. A taxi truck service is a company that will provide the most relevant type of truck to transport the goods where they need to go.

They will either hire out the truck either with a driver, hence the name taxi, or they will hire it out to the manufacturer directly, who will provide the driving crew.

Taxi truck service

The company providing the taxi truck service needs to have a wide range of vehicles available, an understanding of the type of goods being moved, connections to warehouses and port storage facilities, experienced drivers and foolproof insurance coverage.

The cost of hiring a taxi truck will to a large extent depend on the type of truck being used, therefore the company needs to offer trucks ranging in size from small delivery vans to large container type trucks.

In addition, they need to be able to offer access to refrigerated units, vans and trucks with tailgates, trucks with differing levels of crane facilities and tautliners.

Trucks are normally hired out on a very time-specific basis, either by the hour, the day, the week and sometimes long-term rentals. It is crucial therefore that the taxi truck service company understands the logistics of transporting goods, as delays either at the port or once en route to the final destination can have a significant impact on how long the truck will be out on hire.

For this reason, as well as for the benefit of the customer, the taxi trucking company must have the latest online tracking facilities, so that both the goods and the truck can be monitored at all times, making sure that the original planned route and timing remains on track.

Interstate freight forwarder

The movement of goods around Australia may mean crossing one or more states, and it is crucial that the taxi truck service has experience in this area and understands the logistics of moving freight around the country.

Depending on the nature of goods, some states may have different regulations concerning their movement. This can be especially true for livestock and perishable foods.

Different paperwork or checks may be needed, and the taxi truck service needs to be able to anticipate what the process of interstate freight forwarding means, and make sure that all necessary compliance is in order at the outset of the journey.

If not, then delays can occur that can have a knock-on effect on the quality of the goods themselves, and also on the logistics of the taxi truck company and the management of their vehicles and subsequent costing issues.  A business like Camex Transport Services has more information.