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A Night to Remember: 3 Unique Party Ideas

13 January 2017
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Whether the event you're planning is a birthday, anniversary or another special event, you're sure to want a night to remember.  No matter what the occasion may be, celebrating with our family and friends is all about making great new memories.  What better way to do that than to do something new and different that none of your guests will ever forget?  That's not to say a traditional party isn't fun. Read More …

4 Reasons To Use An Airport Shuttle Service Instead Of A Taxi

13 October 2016
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If you need an airport transfer service, you can opt for private taxis, chauffeured cars or a shuttle service. Although shuttle services are not as popular as taxis or rental cars, they offer some great advantages over their competitors. Read on below to see what these are. Convenience for larger groups If you are travelling in a group of four or more people, it won't be possible to ride in a sedan vehicle, which is what most rentals and taxis are. Read More …

Having a memorable formal experience

14 June 2016
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You only get a few chances in life to have a night as special as your school formal. It's a chance to spend a last night with your friends and classmates reminiscing about the adventures you have all had at school before life starts to pull you in different direction.  Have an pre-event with your families While the formal is an event mainly for the students, this is also a right of passage that parents and families like to share with you. Read More …

Tips For Choosing Refrigerated Transport Companies For Food Transportation

3 November 2015
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Transportation of highly perishable food items such as dairy products, beef and fish is done using refrigerated transport trucks. This ensures that the food items retain their freshness upon arrival at the intended destination. Choosing one out of the several refrigerated transport companies may be an uphill task for new restaurant owners and operators. Discussed below are a few factors that these professionals should consider when making this all-important decision. Read More …

How A Reliable Customs Broker Can Ease Your Trading Operations

16 October 2015
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A verified customs broker is accountable for helping exporters and importers comply with the mandatory requirements of world-wide shipments. Being an intermediary, a broker must hold a license issued by the approved authorities. From assisting their clients on appropriate trading procedures to holding this trading business on behalf of their clients, the customs brokers excel in doing every task with higher accuracy levels. Without him/ her, it would have been difficult to load and unload goods and make/ receive payments conveniently. Read More …